Put the reach of our global network, the power of our smart technology, and the skills of our experienced researchers to work for your high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UNHW) diligence needs.

Conducting due diligence on HNWIs is challenging. It requires sifting through and analyzing complex holding structures often located in opaque jurisdictions and working swiftly and with sensitivity. Circumstances can change, and establishing an ongoing monitoring process that highlights red flags ensures there are no hidden surprises. We have extensive experience identifying the sources of wealth of global HNWIs as well as providing actionable intelligence and crucial facts on these same individuals.

We cover the full spectrum of research to create as exhaustive of a view of a subject’s source of wealth background as you wish – from a basic scope that verifies ID information and checks global sanctions lists, to conducting focused media research to identify negative news and wealth-related references, all the way to a complete review of public records and local source inquiries into wealth indicators and overall reputation.

We understand that no matter the scope of work, the fundamental focus should be identifying subjects and their overall assets, including inheritances, properties, shareholdings, salary proceeds, bonuses, investments, dividends and stock transactions, among others. Our reports can also incorporate scrutiny of a subject’s professional history, to include research specifically into past and current business affiliations and partners.

Infographic - Wealth Intelligence
Infographic - Wealth Intelligence
Infographic - Wealth Intelligence
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Five Key Components of Stronger Source-of-Wealth Verification

Five Key Components of Stronger Source-of-Wealth Verification



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