“We spearhead and manage scores of large-scale and long-term diligence, remediation, and investigative projects across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, as well as in challenging frontier and emerging markets.”



Risk management mastery in foreign markets doesn’t come quickly or easily. It comes from putting in the time and work to understand the geopolitical complexities of global business operations. It also comes from a thoughtful assembly of the right blend of tools, language expertise, and analytical talent that together offer unparalleled global risk management solutions.


A significant proportion of our work is conducted for financial institutions, including major investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds. Other recent assignments include work in energy, technology, healthcare (medical devices and pharmaceuticals), and consumer goods industries. We contextualize our findings, so our clients can zero in quickly on the decision-ready intelligence they need.

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  • Decades of experience spearheading and successfully managing scores of large-scale and long-term diligence, remediation and investigative projects across the Americas
  • Long history of successful diligence and investigative work throughout the region
  • Significant number of Spanish- and Portuguese-language analysts to support our global risk management advisors
  • Extensive work in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, and offshore jurisdictions throughout the region

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • Full-time, full-service office in London with deep in-house expertise and regular assignments in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Russia
  • Recent cases include work in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, and the UK
  • Experience with a variety of cases in Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, West Africa (Nigeria, Liberia), as well as throughout the Sub-Saharan region


    • Full-time, full-service office in Hong Kong to facilitate comprehensive and expanding assignments in Greater China – Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan
    • Broad know-how in Southeast Asia, with recent work focused on Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia markets
    • Strong facility and experience on diligence and investigative work in India as well as North Asia (Japan and South Korea)
    • Demonstrated proficiency and agility in frontier and emerging markets including Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia


      What strategies make the most sense to meet the letter and the spirit of evolving regulations?

      When are we comfortable recommending automated, technology-based products?

      When is it smarter to apply the powers of human reason and analysis to diagnosing risk?

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      • State-of-the-art, secure online diligence ordering portal
      • Intelligently designed internal case management database management tools
      • Automated basic research data and processes free analyst and researcher time to burrow deep into details and analyze findings
      • Every major database aggregator
      • Powerful link analysis tools that let us merge automated processes with efficient and deep subject matter expertise

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