Our Story

Our brand, as reflected in our name and visually conveyed through our logo, represents our public identity.

Here we share some context and background about the events, values, and insights that informed the selection of our company name as well as the multicolored, overlapping and intersecting circles that comprise our logo. 

When the company was in its earliest formative stage, we recognized that although it was a new legal entity, it was simply the most current expression of an ongoing story that began decades earlier in the 1990s, when the McWeeney family formed Corporate Risk International (CRI). 

Some may not fully appreciate, or even recall, how dramatically different the due diligence business was back in those pre-Internet days: when precious few records were digitized and searchable online, the large screening databases we rely on today were either nonexistent or in their infancy, and business and geopolitical news was consumed largely from hardcopy magazines and newspapers.

The small team that formed, nurtured, and grew that venture into the success it became was uncompromising in its commitment to three core values. Those values, in turn, comprised the lodestar that guided IntegrityRisk CEO Jim McWeeney as he set out his vision for the new company:


  • Ethics – doing the right thing, regardless of the circumstances or any pressures to take shortcuts that might jeopardize the integrity of the leadership, its staff, or the company; 
  • Respect – for the dignity and well-being of employees, clients, vendors, independent consultants, and business partners to build a culture with which good people from all walks of life and backgrounds were proud to associate; 
  • Innovation – to cultivate an atmosphere that encouraged fruitful partnerships with individuals, enterprises, and among each other that stayed open to new and better ways of serving the mission of providing best-in-class reputational, regulatory, legal, and governance risk services.  

These bedrock principles account for why the company’s leadership grew to be respected and revered as it pioneered the new and evolving due diligence marketplace.

It is the ongoing allegiance to these values and principled reputation that accounts for IntegrityRisk’s success and growth in the years since its formation.


When plans to create the new company were gelling in late 2015, we surveyed clients, allies, and staff to inform and inspire ideas for its name. As we reviewed scores of responses to questions about how others perceived and regarded our leadership team, one word came up more frequently than any other — integrity. And the name “IntegrityRisk” came into being.



Next, we worked through hundreds of ideas on how best to convey these thematic threads in a logo that reflected it all: the events and values that informed our genesis as well as what we wanted it to be going forward. We wanted to visually illustrate not only what others perceived as our most valuable asset in the marketplace—our integrity—but depict the multiple, diverse threads that comprise the sum of all our parts: the broad assemblage of countries we cover; the multiplicity of our staff’s native languages and cultures; and the numerous arenas of expertise that harmonize to create high-quality products and services for our clients. 

Each of these threads in the company’s tapestry is distinct and vital. And yet all of it is cohesive and contained. 

The colorful circles in our logo represent exactly that. As some colors overlap with others, they blend to create an entirely new, nuanced gradient. Each circle has its own distinct and contained shape (integrity); each occupies its own specific place, without constraints or inflexible requirements to align exactly over other circles in ways that might inhibit creativity (innovation); and finally, each of the circles provides support for the others (respect)



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