We empower organizations to manage risk with business intelligence that:

  • Supplies customized, full-spectrum, best-in-class due diligence and related services
  • Protects reputations
  • Identifies opportunities and risk challenges for our clients
  • Helps respond to risk-related incidents and crises
  • Embraces the letter and spirit of global requirements and industry risk management standards

IntegrityRisk: Due Diligence Service Levels

Basic RedFlag

Basic facts about a subject, including: research of global sanctions, databases, and watch lists; identification of PEPs; negative media/Internet references – checks in English and primary local professional language(s); corporate registration records; additional research to rule out false positives

Enhanced PublicSource | Level I

RedFlag plus: comprehensive media, social media, and Internet research in English and primary local professional language(s); comprehensive review and analysis of regulatory records; comprehensive litigation records – appropriate federal and local level; education verifications; research into individual’s corporate affiliations

Enhanced IntelSource | Level II

Includes Enhanced PublicSource (Level I) plus: discreet inquiries with knowledgeable, in-country sources regarding background, business practices, and reputational status, including indicators or red flags pertaining to corruption, bribery, fraud, or other illicit business practices

Specialized CapitalMarkets

Includes Enhanced PublicSource (Level I) plus: Subject Company – full review and analysis by a licensed attorney of relevant litigation records, to get a better understanding of a company’s business practices and history; in-depth review of regulatory documents to provide insight into a company’s operational history; Subject Individuals – comprehensive media research of all identified corporate affiliations for insight into their business operations and any issues or concerns (Enhanced IntelSource add-on available)

Dorian Baker, VP Quote

“We created the due diligence research process that has been replicated by so many others. But we know it’s important to stay involved, so that’s why we closely monitor and supervise all research, even as the business has grown.”

Executive Vice President



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