We help businesses meet a broad range of regulatory requirements that require knowledge of beneficial ownership and affiliated parties in areas such as real estate transactions, private wealth matters, and third-party/vendor diligence.

In recent years, US regulators and law enforcement authorities have been pressing for closer scrutiny of real estate transactions. More and more properties are purchased via shell companies, offshore firms, or trusts. Such transactions not only help to conceal beneficial ownership, but also may be used to launder stolen funds and implant millions of illicit dollars into the legitimate market.

Our experienced research team uses its global business knowledge and native-level fluency in multiple languages to efficiently conduct focused, accurate public record checks. We identify details and compile information regarding beneficial ownership and affiliated parties.

Dorian Baker, VP Quote

“All international regulatory and enforcement authorities demand ultimate beneficial ownership transparency when it comes to combating illicit financial flows, but global compliance with the tangle of frequently confusing rules and guidelines can be burdensome in practice.”

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Five Key Components of Stronger Source-of-Wealth Verification

Five Key Components of Stronger Source-of-Wealth Verification



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