We know our clients want to do it right. They want a defensible, dependable compliance process to assess and mitigate third-party risk from their suppliers, vendors, agents and partners. And they’d like the economics of it to work.

The execution, however, can quickly get tangled up in costly multi-vendor complexities. First, there’s the task of absorbing output from one vendor for initial, high-volume screening. Then, getting clarity on the output from the first screen about the subjects requiring a closer look. Next, securely handing off the data on subjects that require a deeper dive to a reliable diligence provider. Finally, monitoring all subjects going forward.

And doing all of this without busting their compliance budget.

These are just some of the reasons why our clients have grown to love IntegrityRisk ScreenCheck. The first screen — against over 128 million company registry records, as well as 140,000-plus sanctions and enforcement records — is FREE.

And so is daily, ongoing monitoring.

When a red flag appears and it’s time to escalate a subject? The same user-friendly platform can further assess a subject through due diligence gleaned from over 66 million advanced risk records (from more than 100,000 sources) and handle ongoing monitoring, reporting, self-remediation and risk review.

And in cases when Enhanced Due Diligence is warranted, our global coverage, unparalleled subject matter expertise, and smart technology come together to get that work done. And always with uncompromising attention to quality and detail.

One reliable, user-friendly, and economical platform. With no knots.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about ScreenCheck.