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Surfing the Waves of Uncertainty

No enterprise is untouched by the epic, and sometimes unforeseen, pressures that world events are putting on bottom lines this year. And all of this comes at a time when 2020’s risk management challenges, even prior to the most recent global economic and public health upheavals, presented challenges that threatened to strain even well-prepared businesses.

  • COVID-19 is straining the outer limits of supply chain resiliency as thousands of firms put the brakes on assembly and manufacturing plants.
  • Uncertainty about upcoming US elections and post-Brexit economics in Europe is fueling unease in global markets at the same time that oil price fights raise the specter of a Middle East recession.
  • Meanwhile, sanctions regimes are changing gears at a breakneck pace, as evidenced by the US imposition of sanctions in February on a large Russian oil company for its support of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

We can’t influence the course of events that are putting so many formidable strains on business, but we are positioned to take some of the edge off. We do that with compliance solutions that safeguard reputations and brand integrity to position our clients ahead of risk. And we do it with a company leadership mindset that values hands-on, uncompromising attention to quality. Finally, it’s all backed up by a time- and pressure-tested research and intelligence gathering process:

  • Every day we’re solving due diligence challenges through thoughtful, customizable, and calibrated optimization of our global network, unparalleled subject matter expertise, and smart technology. Our full-spectrum due diligence suite and international reach allows us to handle client engagements of any scope in just about any location.
  • The “perfect regulatory storm” that has formed around ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) compliance and evolving Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements is boosting demand for deep research into real estate transactions, private wealth matters, and vendor diligence. IntegrityRisk’s OwnerCheck product offering was designed to help companies navigate today’s UBO and KYC compliance maze.
  • A March 2020 Bloomberg exposé on a global network enabled by a web of attorneys and advisors helping launder money looted from Azerbaijan — thus triggering a wide-ranging UK investigation — brought into sharp relief the necessity of quality source of wealth. Stories like these show no sign of letting up, and remind us of the continued importance of accurate, holistic and actionable insight into high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) subjects.
  • Our leading-edge third-party screening solutions meet the letter and the spirit of anticorruption legislation around the globe, while our global proficiency and international network can assist firms with assessing supply chain risk.

We took proactive measures ahead of the most recent events to to ensure our standard business and processes continue uninterrupted. We know these are stressful and challenging times everywhere and we are confident that we can help our clients get through them.

Do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to help you during these troubling times — and please be safe and stay healthy.