Not surprisingly, the IPO process is a formidable one. The accountability of a soon-to-be public company, as well as the underwriters and attorneys that represent it, necessitates a level of scrutiny and pre-listing ongoing diligence that goes deeper, farther, and wider than nearly any other type of transactional due diligence. It demands a nuanced understanding of the often novel and changing regulatory requirements of various jurisdictions and a duty of care to look back more than two decades into records that are often challenging to locate and analyze.

Every decent due diligence company rightfully touts the proficiency of its researchers, the quality of its product, and its responsiveness to clients. So do we. Yet? When it comes to IPO due diligence, IntegrityRisk stands out because we offer much more than those fundamentals.

  • When we tackle an IPO due diligence assignment, not only do we bring the full depth and breadth of our years of experience to the table, but at least one senior member of our management team takes direct ownership of the project. You can reach a senior executive any time throughout the process.
  • It’s in our DNA to dig deep, to think critically, to weigh and analyze all the facts, and to add context, both fundamental and cultural. After all, our senior management team created the best practice processes that many others employ today. We improve on and refine them every day — continuously incorporating our accumulating insights into reports and fine-tuning research and analytical processes along the way. We don’t compromise on thoroughness, accuracy, or clarity.
  • From the outset of IPO diligence work, we tap our analytical and legal talent. There’s no substitute for the acumen that licensed attorneys with extensive experience in complex transactions and litigation research can offer: they can sift through mountains of complex litigation, distill what’s material, and present the most relevant findings in language that everyone, including non-lawyers, can comprehend.

IPO diligence is not a paint-by-numbers exercise, so we’ve built plenty of flexibility into our product. Interim reports? Tailored executive summaries? Customized monitoring? Verbal briefings as appropriate? Information that’s easily shared across various participants in a deal? Continued monitoring of the company and its principals until the official listing date? That’s all in a day’s work here.

Want to find out more how we stand out? Contact us any time to learn more about IntegrityRisk CapitalMarkets, the IPO due diligence product that’s proud to be different.