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Are You Hiring Buzzer Beaters or Flops and Parkers?

The difference between a comprehensive executive background check and a cursory one can be a game changer. It can determine whether you win the business game by working with a team you trust, or spend months – possibly longer – recovering from reputation and brand damage.

Recent headlines have painted a sobering picture of the far-reaching consequences when C-suite executives are the subject of negative media or regulatory attention. In too many cases, warning signs — most likely obtainable through comprehensive executive background checks — might have revealed predilections for poor judgment, mismanagement, or questionable behaviors.

Cutting corners when it comes to uncovering crucial details about potential leaders in your company creates unnecessary risk by impacting:

  • Reputation and brand integrity. The 2019 Axios Harris Poll 100 documents a steep plunge in the reputation of some Silicon Valley tech company reputations in the wake of scandals involving alleged misdeeds or questionable behavior by top executives.
  • Stakeholder confidence. Front-page controversies over reported fraud and mismanagement by senior company officers are triggering outcries from affected employees, as well as worried investors at many enterprises.
  • Valuations and legal standing. C-suite executives found, or alleged to be, engaging in misconduct or financial fraud can trigger class action lawsuits and precipitate stock price declines.

Bad news travels fast. The effects of a tarnished brand can snowball, creating costly and disruptive problems outside and inside company walls. They can spark regulatory reviews, inflict harm on partnerships and business relationships, undermine employee morale, hasten staff turnover, and compromise your ability to recruit highly-skilled talent.

IntegrityRisk ExecCheck includes a complete review of public records to research an individual’s past and current business affiliations, social media activities, and overall reputation and credibility. Our technology, experienced researchers, and global network of over 250 knowledgeable on-the-ground experts spanning six continents have you covered.

March away from executive hiring madness. Mitigating the risk from hiring high-profile candidates and other executives is essential to safeguarding your company’s hard-earned reputation for integrity. Before you welcome someone to join your senior team, contact us to put ExecCheck to work for you.