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Secrets Can Be Overrated When it Comes to Due Diligence

There’s a lot of mystification and secrecy when some businesses describe their due diligence processes. We don’t see a good reason for it. It creates confusion for the diligence consumer trying to weigh which provider offers the best return on their risk management investment. Transparency about what goes on behind the scenes, on the other hand, makes it easier to have confidence in the value of the services and products that different providers may offer.

Here are some of the key elements of our processes that may help you decide if we’re the right choice for your due diligence needs:

  • SOUND RESEARCH — It all begins with a time- and pressure-tested research process. Our senior executive team has over fifty years of industry experience and created the step-by-step process that has become the industry gold standard and replicated by others. Our analysts are trained to not just look under the rocks, but to look above, behind, and around them. IntegrityRisk’s research training program incorporates leading edge analytical techniques that help our staff evaluate the completeness and soundness of all information sources used in our reports.
  • CLOSE OVERSIGHT — All IntegrityRisk research is closely monitored and supervised. Even as more and better technology emerges to enable greater information gathering efficiencies, we know that there’s still no substitute for staying involved and hands-on when it comes to due diligence research and report writing oversight. We go the extra mile, keeping our client’s unique needs and requirements in mind during the collection, organization, evaluation, and curation of information that supports our findings. In the words of industry veteran Linda Huang, our Global Head of Research Operations, “Every report is thoroughly and rigorously researched by a human being who not only identifies the findings but tells a story from the data through discretion and careful analysis.”
  • SHARP AND CURIOUS ANALYSTS — We hire people from all walks of life with specialist language or industry expertise. We encourage our analysts to follow leads and tangents that may provide further insight into our subjects. Because we are so committed to including essential contextual information for our clients, we love to hire researchers with inquisitive minds. Linda Huang says that “a great analyst approaches each report holistically and understands how different types of risks may compound and intersect.”
  • UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY CHECKS — Every client report undergoes an intensive review process prior to going out the door. Should any outstanding questions remain, or if there is any indication that additional research is warranted, the report is refreshed and fully reviewed again. Supervisors with experience and knowledge of client needs review reports to ensure that the research approach is appropriate, findings and analysis are correct, and any findings are presented clearly with proper context. This extra time and effort accounts for why our clients appreciate the thoroughness of our work and come back to us again and again.

Quality and integrity are front and center in our company culture and we’re eager to put our values to work for you. Contact us to learn even more about our ‘secret sauce.’ We’re more than happy to share our thoughts and answer your questions.