We're not as young as you think. 

Just six months into launching, Integrity Risk International is successfully reimagining the global risk management services market. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of seasoned professionals offer diligent, responsive, and on point counsel to companies struggling to manage and mitigate today’s threats.

With offices in Washington, D.C. and New York, NY, IntegrityRisk oversees a hand-picked global network of over 250 on-ground experts spanning six continents and representing a broad spectrum of intelligence, security, and law enforcement wisdom and hands-on experience. 

The best of both worlds — the ability that comes from entering the market with fresh perspective and wisdom derived only from experience.

With thousands of global due diligence assignments and hundreds of security and crisis response situations in his rear view mirror, Jim McWeeney — IntegrityRisk’s founder and CEO — today guides the firm’s full suite of business intelligence, due diligence, investigative, compliance advisory, and safety/security services. 

"Our team's combined industry, law enforcement, and legal experience means we are able to identify and address warning signs well before they create costly and reputation-damaging burdens to our clients. Our foremost guiding principle is to operate ethically and with the highest standards of quality and conduct," says McWeeney.  

Agility + Wisdom
With international reach and experience conducting due diligence in any market and the skills to unearth insightful analysis and findings, our leadership offers the best of both worlds — the agility that comes with entering the market with fresh perspective and wisdom derived only from experience.

IntegrityRisk serves diverse clientele ranging from financial institutions and private equity firms to large and small corporates, law firms, and individuals.

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