When I founded IntegrityRisk and mandated our foremost guiding principle — to operate ethically with the highest standards of quality — I knew that the breadth of my team’s combined industry, law enforcement, and legal experience offered an inviting opportunity: to design an uncomplicated and transparent offering of global research and intelligence gathering services.


The current means and near constant confusion when ordering due diligence research are far from adequate. No longer can companies rely solely on database or software providers — or “check-off-the-box” approaches. Nor is it acceptable for high-end research firms to continue to execute due diligence inquiries without the use of available technology and tools that allow for less false positive findings, reduced turnaround times, as well as more competitive fees to pass on to clients. The stakes are simply too great. 

From the most basic, foundational diligence work to spotlight red flags all the way through enhanced deep dive research to support IPOs, acquisition transactions, partnerships, and joint ventures, our team designed a spectrum of offerings that’s earning strong praise from our growing global client base.  

Our BASIC due diligence service levels — IntegrityRisk EarlyAlert and IntegrityRisk RedFlag — offer an essential introduction to the most important facts about a subject and incorporate a first-level adverse news, corporate registration, and a regulatory and litigation check.
Our ENHANCED due diligence product — IntegrityRisk PublicSource — builds on that foundation to create a full public profile based on comprehensive open source research and analysis. We add an extensive review of social media to round out the subject profile.  
When appropriate, and in close consultation with our clients, we add further to this strong foundation with in-depth, SPECIALIZED due diligence — via our IntegrityRisk IntelSource and IntegrityRisk CapitalMarkets reports — that can include discreet inquiries with in-country sources and public record research and analysis. Full analysis of a subject’s business practices, history, reputation, and affiliations is the hallmark of the customized diligence profiles that our global network of more than 250 hand-picked on-the-ground experts assemble using a balance of extensive database tools and indispensable in-house subject matter expertise.   

I invite you to learn more about the specifics of all our due diligence service levels here.

Why IntegrityRisk for Due Diligence?


Because our extensive resource network of subject matter experts, covering six continents, offers a wide range of backgrounds and investigative skills. Our international reach allows us to handle client engagements of any scope in just about any location.


Because our team of research analysts hail from a variety of backgrounds and can handle all scopes of due diligence work, from low-level matters to complex assignments, located anywhere in the world.  Research team members include former senior analysts with the CIA, FBI and U.S. Treasury, as well as analysts with local, regional or in-country experience and multiple foreign-language research capabilities.  


Because we maintain a network of 250+ risk, investigative and security professionals located in every major country. This network has been cultivated since the early 1990s and includes individuals from every walk of life, putting us in a position to help clients find hard-to-acquire information, often times in difficult markets where little to no public records exist.


Because IntegrityRisk maintains a strict compliance program demanding best practices and proper behavior by its network partners. We wouldn't have it any other way.