We’ve teamed with Empowerment Capital, an investment management and strategic advisory company, to bridge the impact investing gap by focusing the risk, compliance, and due diligence lens on the world of impact investing. We are transforming sustainability risk management through commercially oriented, evidence-based impact risk assessment, analysis and reporting — better informing impact investors and stakeholders of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and positioning them to achieve sustainability outcomes.


Using a systematic, analytically driven, and comprehensive approach, we combine due diligence and investigative assets, data analytics tools, and internationally-accepted accounting and reporting standards to verify, validate, and authenticate environmental, social, and governance investing performance.

Our integrated impact measurement and accounting framework provides conceptual clarity on ESG impact dimensions: factors, inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes — all driven by stakeholder values.

ImpactCheck can supply information on:  
— An entity’s non-compliance with environmental standards and regulations;
— Risks associated with a company’s dependence on scarce or vulnerable resources that are likely to fluctuate and affect business operations;
— Supply chains that are extractive, polluting, heavily resource dependent — or source labor in a country with a history of labor rights abuses;
— How an entity treats its employees;
— How an entity interacts within the communities it operates;
— Potential risks that could materialize into labor law litigation; and,
— Discrepancies in self-reported/disclosed company operations.


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In-depth online and offline research

Litigation and regulatory research

Discreet in-person interviews

Verification protocols

Company registry checks

Web scraping

Social media diligence

Advanced / predictive analytics

Experience in ESG / sustainability factors


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