• Recognized expertise and extraordinary experience in conducting due diligence in any market, including non-transparent markets where publicly available information is sparse or unreliable

  • Awareness of region- and industry-specific risks relevant to anti-money laundering/counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) and anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) compliance

  • Extensive resource network of subject matter experts, covering six continents, with a wide range of backgrounds and investigative skills


  • Experience in conducting comprehensive public records research to provide relevant findings and insightful analysis

  • Knowledge of public records availability in US and foreign locations, to accurately advise clients with appropriate risk-diagnostic solutions

  • Familiarity with and utilization of technology in research efficiency, accuracy and tracking, to help clients make decisions under any timeline


  • Dependable, trustworthy leadership with established industry experience helping organizations manage risks

  • Exhaustive expertise in business intelligence, investigative and security consulting on, as well as detailed management of, client engagements of every scope on a global scale

  • Sincere interest in clients’ business context and needs, and full commitment to long-term partnerships built on a foundation of transparency and integrity