We solve due diligence challenges through a thoughtful, customizable, and calibrated leveraging of our global network, unparalleled subject matter expertise, and smart technology.

Basic facts about a subject, including:

  • Research of global sanctions databases and watch lists

  • Identification of PEPs

  • Additional research to rule out false positives

POSSIBLE USE CASES:  Remediation projects; third-party screens - high volume/low risk; customer onboarding


Includes EarlyAlert, plus research of:

  • Negative media/Internet references

  • Corporate registration records

  • Select regulatory and litigation records

POSSIBLE USE CASESHigh net worth reviews; third-party screens - medium risk; remediation projects

Includes RedFlag, plus: 

  • Comprehensive media and Internet research in English and primary local professional language(s)

  • Comprehensive review and analysis of regulatory records

  • Direct research of civil, criminal and bankruptcy records at national and local levels

  • Education verifications

  • Optional media research into individuals' corporate affiliations and professional history

POSSIBLE USE CASES:  Compliance - counter-party & KYC diligence; private wealth management, politically exposed persons, and third-party beneficial ownership/source of wealth reviews; executive pre-employment diligence


Includes PublicSource, plus: 

  • Local, in-country public records research and analysis

  • Discreet inquiries with knowledgeable, in-country sources regarding subject’s background, business practices, and reputational status

POSSIBLE USE CASESInternational - high-risk locations; ultra-high net worth diligence; third-party sales agent/finder diligence; transactions & major Investments; geo-political risk; new market entry; legal - investments, joint ventures, transactions

Includes PublicSource, plus: 

  • Subject Company

Full review and analysis of relevant litigation records, to get a better understanding of company’s business practices and history

In-depth review of regulatory documents to provide insight into a company’s operations 

  • Subject Individuals

Comprehensive media research of all identified corporate affiliations for insight into their business operations and any issues or concerns

Full analysis and review of all relevant litigation records for identified corporate affiliations, to get a better understanding of these entities’ business practices and history

  • Supplemental Enhanced Level IntegrityRisk IntelSource add-on available

POSSIBLE USE CASESIPOs; mergers & acquisitions; joint ventures; significant investments

Why IntegrityRisk for Due Diligence?


Because our extensive resource network of subject matter experts, covering six continents, offers a wide range of backgrounds and investigative skills. Our international reach allows us to handle client engagements of any scope in just about any location.



Because our team of research analysts hail from a variety of backgrounds and can handle all scopes of due diligence work, from low-level matters to complex assignments, located anywhere in the world.  Research team members include former senior analysts with the CIA, FBI and U.S. Treasury, as well as analysts with local, regional or in-country experience and multiple foreign-language research capabilities.  



Because we maintain a network of 250+ risk, investigative and security professionals located in every major country. This network has been cultivated since the early1990s and includes individuals from every walk of life, putting us in a position to help clients find hard-to-acquire information, often times in difficult markets where little to no public records exist.


Because IntegrityRisk maintains a strict compliance program demanding best practices and proper behavior by its network partners. We wouldn't have it any other way.